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Wishfish delivers wellness coaching to support an extraordinary life.  We enable you to explore your individual potential and connect with others to unlock a more compassionate existence.

We offer personal coaching to develop your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Key topics we can support you on include anxiety, confidence, communication skills, imposter syndrome, stress, career change, leadership, resilience, motivation plus much more.

We cover off three key life arenas to ensure you and your wider universe is reaching its full promise, which include:

Wellness for you

We can help you to reach a more balanced sense of wellness – and enable you to have the time and space to explore more about who you are, what you do, and how you can bring best practice tools to life in your everyday activities.


Wellness for You & Your People at Work

We can help you to ensure you and your team at work remain successful by encouraging you to think about how you can support your Team Wellness.

We pride ourselves on helping you to be the captain of your team’s destiny and connect in a way that works for everyone in order to create better balance, healthier thoughts and more meaning to you and your team.

We can also support you to build better, kind and caring, happier, and more fulfilled relationships – to help meet the needs of you and your favourite people to ensure they are well, happy, and healthy.


Wellness for future you

We pride ourselves on helping you master your ‘mind-talk’ so that you can be in control of where you are heading, day by day, and build your resilience for not just now, but your future self as you start to realise that your wellness is paramount to living a great life and embrace a compassionate existence.

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Free 30-minute coaching consultation session

We offer free 30-minute consultation sessions – completely confidential and with no obligation. If you’d like to try a free coaching consultation session, please contact Debbie Green on 

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