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What others say about us…

We are proud to be able to say that as a customer of Wishfish you will receive the best possible service. We’ve enjoyed working with many organisations to help train and coach their people over the years. Here is just a selection of the nice things people have said.

I love working with Wishfish because of how beautifully human and tailor made their approach is. Due to Covid19, I had lost the career I’d always aspired towards having and the job market was flooded with extra candidates in a time when most businesses were cutting staff, not hiring. I needed some positivity, hope and guidance to push past constant job rejection and that’s exactly what I got from Debbie and her coaching. I had acquired skills in aviation that I didn’t know how to make relevant elsewhere and I was seriously lacking in confidence outside of the industry. I was generally feeling very low and I struggled to apply for jobs because of this. I had to make best use of the time that I actually felt up to the task as this wasn’t often, I needed help to essentially function like a human again and have a healthy relationship with my new ‘normal’. I was receiving help through weekly zoom calls with Debbie and regular emailing. She helped me to plan my time and make sure I was celebrating all of my small successes such as: updating my CV, job searching, walking my dog and posting on LinkedIn. As well as this, she helped me to find my confidence again and make job hunting a more pleasant experience. This is something I’ve continued moving forward in my life and I’m finding myself being more productive in my free time because I’m using it realistically and positively, one step at a time. I have now secured employment and Debbie continues to coach me as I adjust to my new routine. I would recommend anyone to work with Debbie because she really flips your whole mentality, she’s changed my outlook on life and I’m so much kinder to myself. Covid19 has been an incredibly difficult time but thanks to Debbie and Wishfish it’s also been one for self love and self discovery. - Emma R
Laura - the workshops you do have been inspirational and have played a part in remaining positive. - Katy C
I’ve loved the workshops on understanding how to get the best out of zoom and training virtually. Thank you Laura. - DB
This leadership programme is the best I have seen, and how it was moved from face to face to virtual was seamless and added so much value to the learning experience. I would whole heartedly recommend this to any leader as part of their journey.- Tom B
A huge thank you and congratulations on such a successful programme! I have received such wonderful feedback from my team members that were part of this programme and it was clear from the presentations yesterday what a profound impact it has had for all the delegates, both professionally and personally. Many thanks for all the energy and expertise you bring to it all! - CW
Thank you so much for all your hard work with us throughout this programme – what a great course! I really feel like I have got an awful lot out of it, and I have a lot to draw on as I continue my journey. - CV

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey at several workshops that she facilitated. Lindsey is engaging, funny and makes the session really interactive and positive. She has a great aura about her and people gravitate towards for her for passion for delivering great content. Every session that I have attended I have come away with a new skill or another way of thinking about a situation and this is all down to Lindsey’s delivery style and infectious personality.

Dave McCabeManager

Debs has been an inspiration and the sunshine I have needed in my personal development in the last 2 years. Working with her is always a pleasure, her innate desire to understand and explore has helped me grow professionally, as well as improving my own coaching style. The sparkle she adds to a group is infectious and helps to ensure that everybody gets the most out of whatever she’s involved in.

Luke Batty

I am grateful to you and your team for helping me develop and progress within my career. I owe you big time for transforming me, my confidence, changing the way I think, the way I present myself and guiding / coaching me ‘How to channel my energy’ in right direction’. Please accept this statement as my deepest gratitude to you for every little thing you have done for me to have biggest impact on my life. You are the best and from the bottom of my heart ‘Thank you again’.

Harry SinghVIP Duty Manager

There are not many people that I have met who have made a profound impact on my life and Debs Green is definitely one of them! Her experience, guidance, insight and coaching have not only helped me with my career life but also personal life. Debs is always there if I need any support or guidance and she is very approachable and friendly which makes it very easy and comfortable for me to open up. I whole heartedly recommend Debs services.

Humira BaigHRBP

I have worked with Wishfish over the last few years focusing on building Leadership capability within the Operational leadership community. I have found Debs to be extremely passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable to help drive our change in culture and build leadership capability at the right pace for the business. The leadership journey has been evolving over the years and Debs has provided creative solutions to fulfil our objectives…thank you!

Sukh BathHR Business Partner

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Debs for the past 4-5 years and during this time she has always kept me focussed on being the best that I can be. I value her support and encouragement immensely and find her coaching style hugely beneficial. Debs easily identifies when I am not on purpose or truly living up to my values and is not afraid to challenge. This pushes me to the edge of my comfort zone which has helped my development and confidence. I always look forward to working with Debs.

Chris NeedhamSecurity Training Manager

How privileged I feel to share the same facilitation space of such an accomplished coach and facilitator – you are truly inspirational to watch. I learn so much. You have a really good knack of connecting instantly with the audience. I think it’s your brilliant ability to tell your story and “peel back the layers” and disclose. That vulnerability gets you massive credibility! You’re the master of creating a safe space and it’s almost instantaneous as delegates take a seat. It’s intangible but so very present. They trust you massively – you hold such credibility amongst our ops teams and can therefore afford to challenge thinking easily and they allow you to take them to new places to think and reflect.

Dean HopkinsOperations Manager

Laura, is an absolute gem; a real dynamo with passion, enthusiasm and character in spades! She is able to combine her experience, skills and drive to provide sharp, precise and actionable advice which has really helped me drive change in my team. I cannot recommend her enough!

Alastair PreacherCustomer Director, Tesco

I met Debbie after a turbulent time in my life, where I was trying to find my feet again both personally and professionally. Instantly her warming, caring, nature puts you at ease. I have since been on numerous courses that Debbie has taken and on each occasion she will push me to be the best I, and others can be. Debbie see’s something in you, that she knows you can achieve and will encourage you to be the best you can be, whilst supporting you to grow in strength and confidence. I am so grateful to have met and worked with Debbie she is a true asset to any company or individual, she works with.

Rebecca MitchellManager

I have had the pleasure of working with Debbie on numerous occasions since I joined the Heathrow team. Debbie is without doubt the most influential facilitator I have ever had the fortune of crossing paths with. Debbie possesses and incredible skillset that enables her to understand individual people with different backgrounds, and instantly knowing how to help/work with every single one of them. Debbie has an amazing manner about her. She always comes across as kind and caring and develops are trusting relationship with everyone she meets. I always look forward to the next time I see her.

Joe FrankelManager

Amazing 3 days. I’m a firm believe the course is only as good as the facilitators and the participants. Even in 3 days you’ve made me realise so much about myself. You’ve grown every skill I thought I had already mastered and your enthusiasm and passion is so endearing. I hope I come across you in the future – a truly special lady.


Thank you! I’ve had a fantastic 3 days – learnt so much ad have some great ideas to take to my new business unit. I wish you had done this for me when I was in the police!

Deb has played a key role in the start of a significant transformation at Heathrow. She has quickly and effectively understood the needs of our business and been instrumental in the design and delivery of a number of developmental experiences. Working as a highly effective partner Deb’s engaging approach attracts consistently great feedback from delegates. Authentic, challenging yet done with a smile I would highly recommend Deb to those seeking to deliver and importantly sustain shifts in organisational performance.- Tom Willis - Security Director, Heathrow
I have had the great pleasure of knowing Debbie for over 15 years where she was managing me and introduced me to a world known as ‘coaching and development’ and I haven’t looked back since. In those early years Debs was both a great manager, mentor and leader which was a catalyst for where I am today. As I moved on in my career and Debbie began WISHFISH, I have continuously used the services she provides in both Workshops and Coaching and have enjoyed doing so in the 2 companies I have worked for over the years. I have also been introduced to the wider WISHFISH family who have always been well received with my employees. Diligent, challenging, passionate and supportive are just a few of the words I would use to describe Debbie and WISHFISH and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for true and genuine development either personally or for teams, departments, businesses.- Juliette Edwards - Head of People and Organisational Development, PPL
I can’t speak highly enough of how beneficial I found the Personal Resilience training with Lindsey. It was genuinely life-changing; for me and my family. My children and my partner have all said the same – that I seem like a new man. During the workshop we worked through the emotional resilience and I learned new coping mechanisms around how to deal with anger and frustrations. As a result I don’t feel such an angry man and my perceptions of life have changed.- Gareth Buckley - Manager
Having worked with Debs for three years I would describe her as supportive, encouraging and inspirational. Her energy is uplifting and helps other to become positive and optimistic. Through her growth mindset she always sees the potential in others. Having a genuine interest in people she is a keen listener, through her calm coaching approach helps others see life through a new lens.- Helen Reynolds - People Development Manager, Expansion
The Personal Resilience Workshop delivered by Lindsey was thought provoking, brilliantly delivered and really made the team stop and think. Most importantly we all left with new skills; enabled to manage stresses, increase our mental toughness and improve our wellbeing and resilience. A great day – thank you!- Peter Neighbour - Homeinstead
Debs fantastic ability to coach and develop people is fantastic, this is driven mainly by her passion for seeing people succeed. I have been fortunate enough to been through a development programme led by Debs. Not only did she enable me to stretch myself but also succeeded in getting the best out of me throughout the course. Debs and I have had coaching sessions together, often when I found myself in a difficult/challenging place within the workplace. Not only was Debs there to support she also enabled me to think better and unlock solutions that otherwise I may not have found on my own. I strongly believe that the learning and development I received from Debs was what enabled me to successfully be able to continue to grow not only in the work environment but as a person too. I felt more confident in myself and in turn have been enabled to tackle challenging situations and roles head on. Debs is an asset to anyone that has an opportunity to work with her and I am privileged to have been coached and developed by her.- Stefano Villaverde - Head of Operations

I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to help us. You come across really passionate about it all which helps me feel more relaxed and excited.


I love your energy and the start you have given us today to be great leaders. You’ve given me the confidence I need to be great.


As a manager I have attended many courses run by Debs Green. It has always lifted my spirits to know Debs is involved. Her delivery of any subject is enthusiastic, full of humour, knowledgeable and informative. Time flies on her day courses and she is always happy to support and encourage anyone in her group. Keep doing what you do Debs, it definitely works.

Sally BurtonManager

The most inspirational person I’ve ever met!

Thank you so much for all of your advice. You like to push the boundaries and its so motivating. As I go into my new role I will remember all of your guidance and advice, tips, thought provoking exercises as it is so valuable for all of us. Can’t wait to see you again on future courses.


Keep being you! Fun, energetic bubbly and compassionate. Having these characteristics makes you perfect at what you do.


I have known and worked with Laura periodically for several years. She has an infectious enthusiasm which brings out the best in participants during training events. She has great personal presence combined with a subtle and effective delivery style. I recommend Laura to any interested company seeking to develop their business through their people.

Tom O'ConnorHR, DHL

Another incredible course! You have honed this programme down to a seamless, professional, people focussed journey – always brilliant inspiring – huge well done.

Laura and I partnered one another to redesign and deliver an existing development programme which was aimed at helping us really understand our mindset and how this can improve performance. Laura was able to present creative ideas and solutions to freshen an already credible business intervention. Furthermore Laura went on to deliver train the trainer sessions for business HR professionals but also led by example in her own credible and energised delivery of the first module. An exceptional facilitator who is able to steer and alter her course to accommodate her delegates’ needs. You will not fail to leave an intervention delivered by Laura feeling totally re-energised and highly challenging of yourself. Thanks Laura for making our programme a success.- Paula Archer - HR, Argos
Debbie Green and her team have been instrumental in creating more joy in my life. The team have been candid, brave & knowledgeable. Working with them has been truly priceless. They has been instrumental helping me recognize truths, skills and strengths about myself that I never thought I had. They have helped me focus in on my life and work goals in an unprecedented way. With their direction and guidance, actualizing my full potential is more than simply an idea; it is the blueprint for an abundant, satisfying, and enjoyable future career at Heathrow Airport and the stability I need in my personal life. They have also helped to nudge me out of my comfort zone where all growth lies. As a result, I have been on an amazing and powerful journey of self-discovery, possibility and accomplishments. The time spent being coached by Debbie Green/Wishfish has helped me not only to develop better working practices for overseeing a highly demanding role working at Heathrow Airport but also helped me to identify personal areas of development so that I could grow, adapt and be a better functioning person within the organisation and in key relationships. I have learnt how effective I can become, driving further my and my team’s growth empowering change. I cannot put into words how much the last couple years their coaching has helped me to shine from the inside out. And I can’t encourage others enough to try this journey too.- Maria Moreno-Hernandez - Duty Manager
Without any question Debs has been instrumental in building my career and she has massively supported me in my development as a Leader. Whether it is coaching, guiding, challenging or just checking in Debs has stretched me to grow my personal Leadership style and brand. It is an absolute joy and pleasure to work with Debs, when presenting she combines her unique, energetic, passionate and authentic style with her experience and high emotional intelligence to deliver and engage any group. I always note the way that Debs is genuinely passionate about not just the material she delivers but also to the people she delivers it to. I can’t thank Debs enough for all her support, development and feedback over the years, even though she has never given me the answer to any of my challenges, she always knows the right question.- Tom Holroyd - Programmes Manager
have had the pleasure to attend many courses facilitated by Debbie Green and oh my god what a pleasant lady. Not only she is passionate about she does and but she is also very knowledgeable. Her passion transpires when she is teaching a class it is infectious, she is so energetic and she catches your attention from the get go. I have learnt so much from the courses not only from the contents which are very well prepared and relevant but from Debs as well. Every time Debs teaches a class I know I will get so much out of the course and will be able to apply the tools given to my role as a Security Manager. Debbie has helped me be a better manager by teaching me techniques, on how to coach my own team and how to get the best of them but she also helped me understand why and how to implement those techniques. This is only one example from so many…. What I also love about Debs is how approachable she is even though she has a busy schedule. She once told me “if you need my help with anything please get in touch”. One day I did need her help and true to her words she replied to me and gave me some advice on a particular project I was working on. I was touched and extremely grateful that she took the time to look into my enquiry like she promised she would. I would absolutely recommend Debs as a coach, mentor, facilitator…. She is the best!!!!!!!- Btissame Anwar - Manager
I met Debbie when I started my Security Manager journey and I was really nervous about my new role. I didn’t know if I can manage people, let alone inspire others. Debbie has helped me with my confidents and showed me that every manager was different in their own special way and that I have great qualities to bring in to the role. She showed me how I can bring my brand and personality in to my role and not only did she inspire me but motivated me to be the best I can be. I can honestly say that I will take all the training, inspirational advice and quotes that Debbie has taught me not only in my professional life but in my personal life too. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support throughout these years because of you I am the best Manager I can be.- Hayfa Ali - Manager
I have known Debbie Green since 2012 when I have joined the first Let’s Go programme for the front line managers in Heathrow. She has helped me develop my management style, understand my strength, weaknesses and the ways to improve myself. I have attended a number of courses within the last 6 years facilitated by Debbie – she has always been an inspiration to all attendees, excellent coach – always happy to support us in bettering ourselves. My leadership style has developed through all the sessions with Debbie, she was even happy to support me in an 1-2-1 session when I needed an extra coaching before my first big presentation to a wider community. The best course to date was Purpose and Values – facilitated by Debbie – it has been revolutionary in discovering a deeper meaning behind my drivers at work, my motivation and achievements so far. I also realised which direction I want to take my career as a Senior Manager. Thank You Debbie for the ongoing support. Looking forward to continuing our work together.- Maja Borajkiewicz - ID Centre Manager

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