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Parent Coaching

As parents or carers we sometimes find that we are “telling” our children to do this and do that all of the time and may not always be listening to what is being said. We too lead crazy, busy lives where we juggle school runs, after school clubs, school trips, work, going out, holiday preparation – the list can go on and on and on.

Plus, there is no manual to help us as parents and we learn “on the job”. We have highs and lows and ups and downs and no two days are the same – wow! We then have to be resilient and robust enough to cope with whatever comes our way and that can be tough at times.

Sometimes, we just have to “take a moment” and look in on our situation to see if we are getting the best out of it – or not! We can find that we are stuck in a cycle of going around and around and around and are not quite sure as to how we can stop this and find a better way to ensure we truly enjoy being a great parent.

A wishfish coach will work alongside you as you discover your magic as a great parent. We remind you of how great you are; what you DO do – not what you don’t do; and we are great listeners! We create a space that enables you to talk about what’s important to you and how you feel and what you think. We help you to design small wins as you start to take steps towards a place where you feel joy and fulfilment. Practical actions that are attainable and achievable that help you to continue to support, guide, nurture and be there as a great parent/carer.

We all need someone to talk too, and be heard, as we are valuable human beings and the role we play as parents inspires future generations of parents.

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