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Our Team


Coach & Facilitator – Owner and Founder of Wishfish

I believe that anything is possible with the right attitude, the right mindset and unwavering confidence, faith and self-belief. And, having moved from the wonderful and eclectic world of HR into the brilliant world of learning and development and coaching I have found my passion and my niche in being able to work with everyone and anyone. Since leaving school I have always known that people are incredible and unique and my various roles over the last 30+ years have proved that to be very true.

Lindsey Thompson-Wright

Coach & Facilitator


I discovered the benefits of coaching when I embraced change, found a great coach and quite literally turned my life into a new direction. That was 13 years go and I haven’t looked back since. I trained as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach and started working with individuals and organisations to help them unlock their brilliance and achieve their aims, goals and fulfil their full potential. The dynamics of teams drew me into studying Transactional Analysis at the Berne Institute and now I concentrate..

Laura Thomson

Future Skills Consultant

I specialise in maximising Human Potential and the wave of technological direction and like to help bridge the gap as we transition to the new way of work.

With a background in Psychology, I have been developing and delivering phenomenal culture change, communication and leadership programmes for organisations since 2000. My passion, energy and enthusiasm for people shines through in everything I get involved with..


Performance Coach

I believe that no dream is too small, and no wish is out of reach…after all, wishing is just the beginning, with the drive to want better and to be better, nothing is impossible, and everything is possible! Sometimes we just need to find our own key to unlock our fullest potential.
Having trained in performance, dance and musical theatre from a young age and worked as a professional theatre artist for over a decade…

Gail Timmins

Training Co-ordinator

I love what I do as the Wishfish Training Co-ordinator. No day is ever the same. To be able to manage and co-ordinate this crazy team of fantastic facilitators is a real pleasure! Previously I’ve worked as Scheduling Officer for a very busy London Magistrates’ Court and found that I could sort out anything and get all those involved in the day to day workings of a courtroom where they needed to be. Apart from this job, my other favourite role was working as the Training Co-ordinator at Office Angels..

Melanie Yea

Facilitator & NLP Master Practitioner

I started out in sales for the first 15 years of my career before becoming a coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner. Instead of using my love for people and chatting, to sell stuff (!) I started using it to enable people and make a difference. I love being part of the light bulb moments for delegates and clients and knowing that I’ve spent my days working towards positive change. I get out of bed because I never know who is going to be in my training room or what they might need from me..

At wishfish we believe in collaborating with other great facilitators and coaches who have the same values, beliefs and passion about people as we do. So at times, the team gets an extension and we’d like to do a “shout out” to these fabulous people.

Ingrid Fear

Behavioural Change Coach & Honorary Wishfisher

Ingrid loves to help companies support their leaders and teams to connect with their values, purpose and goals in this ever changing world. She recognises the value of having clear goals and feeling connected to our purpose to help propel us forward to our successes.
Ingrid is driven to see people working towards a better, healthier and more resilient life. She has first-hand experience of the impact of working in a stressed environment and feeling out of control..

Jo Scott

Learning & Development Professional & Honorary Wishfisher

Jo is a learning and development professional with over 20 years’ experience gained working with well-known market leading companies. She is an inspiring and motivating facilitator who passionately believes in developing people to reach their full potential. She is an empathetic coach with the ability to guide people to discover their strengths and act on their own strategies to improve their performance and become more effective. Jo has a consultative approach, discovering the real development..

Anusha Parshotam

Honorary Wishfisher

Anousha is a commercial, pragmatic and highly focussed executive coach and facilitator with over 15 years experience working in Senior Human Resources roles. She really enjoys working strategically with organisations, leaders and people in nurturing talent, building high performance teams, change management, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. Continuous education and her own development is important to her. She has a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology. She also successfully completed a Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching via Henley Business School and and a Team Coaching Certification, AND is a trained public speaker.

Bev Wilkinson

Honorary Wishfisher

Bev Wilkinson is passionate about making learning stick and bringing learning to life. She achieves this by delivering 90 minute workshops on management and leadership topics in a style that is engaging and interactive. She also works with individuals coaching them in areas they have identified.

Just as you accelerate in your car to go faster, nuggets use accelerated learning which is all about appealing to all five senses, which ensures the brain is awake and absorbs messages more quickly.

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