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Wellness for you & your people at work

We can help you to ensure you and your team at work remain successful by encouraging you to think about how you can support your Team Wellness.

We’ll help you to discover how best to create the right boundaries, the routine, and recognition so that your people feel they “belong”. Looking at how best to manage the different characters within your team, how to look after yourself and enable a more harmonious team existence is something that we at Wishfish care deeply about.

We pride ourselves on helping you to be the captain of your team’s destiny and connect in a way that works for everyone in order to create better balance, healthier thoughts and more meaning to you and your team.

Family & Friends Wellness

We can also support you to build better, kind and caring, happier, and more fulfilled relationships – to help meet the needs of you and your favourite people to ensure they are well, happy, and healthy.

Young People

We specialise in coaching young people – to help them build confidence, self-belief / understanding self, resilience, direction, motivation and feel supported while navigating through school, exams, and the world of work.

Return to Work

We also coach those returning to work after maternity/paternity leave or long-term illness and want to get back up to speed quickly, develop confidence and a sense of belonging while adjusting back to the world of work.

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