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Debbie Green

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Debbie Green

I believe that anything is possible with the right attitude, the right mindset and unwavering confidence, faith and self-belief. And, having moved from the wonderful and eclectic world of HR into the brilliant world of learning and development and coaching I have found my passion and my niche in being able to work with everyone and anyone. Since leaving school I have always known that people are incredible and unique and my various roles over the last 30+ years have proved that to be very true. I am passionate about empowering, inspiring and supporting people, their teams, their leaders, their managers, their nearest and dearest to be the very best version of themselves. My purpose is to “enable others to sparkle by shining a light from within” and since setting up Wishfish Coaching & Development back in 2006 I know that it is possible! Working with various company’s I get to design, develop and deliver tailor-made workshops and coaching opportunities that enable them to create winning and engaged teams with outstanding results. Working with individuals, together, we explore their hopes and dreams and possibilities that enable them to achieve remarkable things in their lives.

Outside of work, family is everything. I’m a proud mum of a 24 year old and 2 cats – Betty & Barney. Films, theatre, gigs and performance are my go-to with my partner as often as possible – seeing extraordinary people doing extra-ordinary things is WOW!!! Retreating to the mountains of Tennessee or the hustle and bustle of NYC or London is a must too (and shopping of course!). One of my all time favourite song is “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross and if I was to have someone play me in a film it would be Reece Witherspoon.

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