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Ingrid Fear

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Ingrid Fear

Ingrid loves to help companies support their leaders and teams to connect with their values, purpose and goals in this ever changing world.  She recognises the value of having clear goals and feeling connected to our purpose to help propel us forward to our successes.
Ingrid is driven to see people working towards a better, healthier and more resilient life. She has first-hand experience of the impact of working in a stressed environment and feeling out of control of your own destination and wellbeing and has harnessed her practises to move towards a more positive and in-control outlook.

Ingrid recognises that by making small changes to our thoughts and behaviours, we can achieve work / life balance and enjoy the success we dream of. She is a strong believer of “paying it forward” in life that fuels her passion of nudging people back into the flow of life.
Ingrid is passionate, positive and enthusiastic about enabling people to create and believe in the life they want. She has first-hand experience at juggling family life and keeping fit with a career whilst relocating continents.

She embarked on a journey of personal development and change and for over 12 years has coached and enabled people on a personal and business level to achieve their goals and make the changes they dream of. Her personal African themed spin on team building adds an interesting dimension to her presentations. She runs her own successful business called Blue Inspiration. Her favour movies is Paying It Forward and The Light Between the Oceons and her all time fave song is Don’t Cry For Me Argentina!

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