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Karl Green

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Karl Green

I believe that no dream is too small, and no wish is out of reach…after all, wishing is just the beginning, with the drive to want better and to be better, nothing is impossible, and everything is possible! Sometimes we just need to find our own key to unlock our fullest potential.

Having trained in performance, dance and musical theatre from a young age and worked as a professional theatre artist for over a decade, I have had the privilege of meeting a world full of people who have strengthened my belief in wanting to “Live Our Best Lives” – igniting a passion for people and performance. Since hanging up my dancing shoes I have been able to use my passion and skills to intertwine the journey of transformational and wellness coaching, with the presence of performance, to empower people who I work with, to believe in themselves and the gifts they hold.

My purpose is to “empower others to find their inner confidence” whether I’m working with one-to-one clients, teams, leaders, managers or even the people we hold closest to our hearts – our self-confidence is limitless. It enables us to look after ourselves and ensure that wellness is at the centre of how we choose to live our lives.

Having been an honorary member of Wishfish Coaching & Development for many years I have seen how a change in confidence can impact and truly alter our presence. I have worked alongside the Wishfish team developing and delivering tailor-made workshops and coaching opportunities to create exceptional results. Working with individuals, together, I guide and encourage with a “take my hand, let’s do it together” style, creating a safe place as we discover the endless possibilities of achieving their greatest wishes.

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