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Laura Thomson

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Laura Thomson

With a background in Psychology, I have been developing and delivering phenomenal culture change, communication and leadership programmes for organisations since 2000. My passion, energy and enthusiasm for people shines through in everything I get involved with. I feel privileged in that I get to co-create awesome learning events with a breadth of non-competitor clients which include Unilever, Heathrow Airport, Phase Eight, The Body Shop, Thames Tideway, Southampton Port and various school leadership teams. I love it when I can support internal teams in shaping culture-change projects with the aim to ‘humanise the task’ within their organisations. I am passionate about playing a part in shaping the future world of work. As well as chairing panel discussions, speaking at conferences and writing articles, I have had my careers advice featured in various publications and my 2016 TEDx talk focuses on how we can stay human amid the digital revolution.

Outside of work I spend time with my 5 year old daughter and our friends doing colouring-in, having kitchen discos and racing remote-controlled cars on the beach. My passion outside of work is being able to have time to swim and read about geeky science and tech stuff!
My favourite song is “Move on Up” by Curtis Mayfield as it always makes me smile and if I could choose someone to play me in a film it would be Emma Thompson – I think she is funny, gorgeous and a bit classy.

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