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Learning & Change

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Module Title Key Models & Principles Outcome
Powerful Performance
  • Perception
  • 5 Ps
  • UI/UC Model
  • RAS : Lock In : Lock Out
  • Fixed v Growth Mindset
  • Powerful Thinking
Creating a mindset for performance is the first step in order to take responsibility and ownership for yourself. Looking at the differences between effective and ineffective people in business will raise your own awareness to where you sit on that spectrum. Knowing what distorts your view of the world and the impact this has will enable you to unlock your performance potential from within
Building My Resilience and Being Courageous
  • 50 Ways To Take A Break
  • 3 Key Approaches
  • Stress Curve
  • MH Questionnaire
  • What’s So Funny About Mental Health?
One of the challenges that face us today is our ability to be kind to ourselves and recognise when we need to “take a break” before we head on that downward spiral to anxiety, stress, depression because we are not looking after ourselves. This thought-provoking workshop will start you talking about the everyday challenges we are faced with and how we deal with things differently depending on who we are. Coupled with some tried and tested techniques to be courageous in managing you.
My Impact and Influence
  • SWOT
  • Johari’s Window
  • Daniel Goleman
  • Stephen Covey’s Principle Centred Leadership
Knowing the impact you have on others is a powerful tool to have. Knowing that you can “make or break” a relationship can be scary – so what do you do to understand and raise your own awareness to the impact you have on others? Creating the very best version of you in the way that you show up will influence how people respond to you and whether they would want to be led by you.
Change Is The Only Constant – Get On With It!
  • Cause and Effect
  • Kubler-Ross Change Curve
  • Locus of Control
  • Kotters 8 Steps to Successful Change
Knowing how to lead a team through change is a challenge. Priorities change all the time and knowing the impact this has on those around you will enable you to use your social skills to manage and lead your team through change. Knowing how and when your locus of control is affected and what to do with this information. Being able to use Kotters 8 Steps to Successful Change as a framework in which to instil a positive feeling that change is good.

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