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Learning & Change

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Module Title Key Models & Principles Outcome
How do you learn
  • Honey & Mumford
  • Learning Styles
  • UI/UC Model
  • Comfort Zone
Understanding how you learn is important as you step in to the development arena. Knowing your preference for learning and recognising others learning styles will enable you to create a harmonious environment in which to build upon your hunger for learning and growth. You will explore what takes you out of your comfort zone and what you can do about it. Plus we will look at your levels of confidence and how to create an inner belief that you “can do”.
Understanding the Importance of Change
  • Kubler-Ross Change Curve
  • Change Houses
  • Stress Curve
Change is the only constant in our lives and knowing how you react to and deal with change will enable you to manage your emotional response to the ever changing world of work. Exploring the emotions you, and others, go through during change and how quickly people move from one to the other will raise your awareness to the fact that change happens
Setting Goals to Achieve
  • PDP
A dream is a goal without a date. By understanding the importance of setting great goals – be it short, medium or long-term – will set you up for success. By setting SMART-ER goals will focus your mind on achievement and that you have the ability and the power to make a change. You will also understand what may stop you from achieving your goals and what you can do about that.
Having the right mindset
  • Power of Perception v Reality
  • Fixed v Growth Model
  • In/Out of the Box
  • Purposeful Practice
Using Carol Dwecks model around fixed and growth mindset we explore the power of our minds and the things we tell ourselves which stops us from achieving. Coupled with whether we think inside or outside of the box and recognising the language that can derail us will be a “Tool for Life”. How you choose to perceive the world around you and whether you distort, sensationalise or over-generalise things that impact on your mind will determine whether you have the right mindset to move forward to your future.

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