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Lindsey Thompson-Wright

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Lindsey Thompson-Wright

I discovered the benefits of coaching when I embraced change, found a great coach and quite literally turned my life into a new direction. That was 13 years go and I haven’t looked back since. I trained as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach and started working with individuals and organisations to help them unlock their brilliance and achieve their aims, goals and fulfil their full potential. The dynamics of teams drew me into studying Transactional Analysis at the Berne Institute and now I concentrate on working with organisations, teams, schools and individuals; coaching, designing and facilitating training programmes and workshops.

Outside of work, my other passion is my family. I’m a mum of 3 and 1 dog; a fan of theatre and schlepping around the country looking at castles and riding rollercoasters. My all time favourite song is “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane and if I was to have someone play me in a film it would be Kristen Wiig.

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