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Module Title Key Models & Principles Outcome
Coaching On The Go
  • T-Grower
  • Feedback – AID
  • Performance Coaching
Getting the best our of your team, be it one or twenty; virtual or static to ensure that a project gets completed or a major milestone is achieved its really important for you to know how to get the best out of your team. Coaching on the Go enables you to have “in the moment” powerful conversations that ensure that you move forward from where you are today to where you want to be. Lots of skills practice and feedback in this dynamic workshop which coaches you to success.
Powerful Communicator
  • Communication Styles
  • PAC
  • Z Approach
  • Diamond Structure
Understanding and practising what it takes to be a great communicator be it verbal or written and how this links to building great relationships. Remaining in an “adult” state when communicating is clear and understanding the power of words, music and dance is within you. Being able to match the energy rather than the emotion in any communication is key and having the tools to support you will ensure you communicate with power.
Great Performing Teams
  • Tuckman
  • ABCD Players
  • Garlic / Baked Beans
  • Belbin
  • Team vs Group
Ensuring that the team around you are both effective and efficient will ensure that a team will perform. Learn how to manage under performance as well as encourage great/over performance. How do you nurture talent and how do you deliver what is required of your team. Setting goals and expectations to ensure consistency and results is key when leading great teams. Identify what are the components of team performance and know how to manage them.
Managing Tricky Conversations
  • Feel : Felt : Found
  • Walkover
  • The Morman Priest
  • Topics of Tolerance
As a leader tricky conversations happen every day but what do you do – face it, fight it or run away from it. We explore the perceptions and beliefs of others and the impact of distortion and generalisation when it comes to managing conflict. Using feedback skills, self awareness, knowledge of who you are dealing with will all come in to play when handling tricky conversations with ease.

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