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Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Ever found yourself in a rut and not sure which way to turn? Don’t necessarily want to speak to your nearest and dearest as they may not fully understand! Does the thought of taking action and making a change in your life send a shudder of anticipation, fear, doubt down your spine? Then you are not alone!

Everyday, people just like you, are beginning to ask questions about what’s important to them, where am I heading, what am I passionate about, I can do more, I don’t know where to start. Coupled with the worry that if you don’t do anything you fear staying stuck…..forever!! All is not lost!

Having a great conversation with a wishfish coach will help you to unearth and explore what is important to you right now. Our ability to listen with our heart, create a safe space for you to think and reflect and create a plan of action that is achievable is what we do best.

People are our passion and if we can enable you to be the best version of yourself by building your confidence, your belief, your desire and your commitment to move forward from where you are today – then the conversation was definitely worth it.

We ensure you gain the skills and confidence to apply the knowledge you learnt about yourself, from having 1:1 coaching sessions, again and again and again. And, you may only come back to see a wishfish coach for a “top up” session. How awesome are you!

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