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Team Coaching


Team Coaching

Being part of a successful team is something that enables us to tap into our skills of wanting to belong and be part of something – no matter how big or small. Who wouldn’t want that? Being able to communicate well, collaborate, share ideas, use your knowledge and expertise, achieve things and care for others around you in order to ensure that the team works at its best is what we aspire to be a part of.

BUT what happens when a team doesn’t work as well as it could together? It fails, people leave, a blame culture exists, egos come to play, no-one notices each other and it can become a toxic space that you don’t want to be part of. No-one wants that.

We look around and see other teams working well together and it’s evident when you watch any team sport that there is a sense of heading for the same outcome; having and understanding the shared vision; everyone knowing their role and the part they play; people taking responsibility and accountability for their bit; appreciation and recognition; having great conversations  – the list is endless as to the possibilities of being part of a great team. There is only so much we can do through individual learning and coaching – the magic happens when it comes together as one team!

So to be able to develop into a great team we all need to start talking! Creating a space in which to explore what’s going well, what could be getting in the way, understanding each other better and performing well is where Team Coaching could really help. From agreeing how we are going to work together, during the Team Coaching sessions, through to discussing key topics and coming up with a plan of action, and putting it into practice, enables the team to thrive and succeed.

By working with a Wishfish Team Coach you can begin to uncover the full potential your team could have. Give us a call to find out more.

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