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May 06
Apr 19
Nov 17

Winter Wellness

What does winter mean to you? Do the dark nights motivate you to cosy up and make your home sparkly and twinkly with candles and fairy lights, or are they oppressive and something to ‘just get through’. Does the thought of Christmas bring excitement and cheer, or stress and anxiety... read more →
Jul 30
Mar 22

Ready for Change

For the last year we’ve been living in a sort of limbo, adapting and adjusting to the various unexpected and very sudden ways our lives have changed. I think many of us have been longing for the day we get to change ‘back’ to what we think of as normal... read more →
Feb 15

Optimism & Opportunities

Well, we’re deep into lockdown and the end isn’t quite in sight just yet. Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and while our individual situations are different, that feeling of anxiety and stuckness is something a lot of us share. Optimism, or a hopeful outlook, is one of the most... read more →
Jan 04
Dec 09

Your Christmas Your Way

As we all head into what is sure to be a very different Christmas and New Year, I’m excited to share a gift with you. Please follow this link to download your free copy of my brand-new ebook Your Christmas Your Way. Inside, you’ll find your ultimate self-care plan for... read more →
Sep 22

Be Human Kind

How can we ensure we are ‘fit’ for the 2020’s especially as the beginning of this year hasn’t gone to any plan? More than ever before we have to be more than just flexible – we have to be ‘fluxible’© . We have to ensure that everything is in flow... read more →
Sep 15

New Decisions

We make decisions every day – some we consciously think about and others we don’t. What is important is making the right decision for you. As humans we are born to solve problems and when I work with people during a coaching session I know that if someone has a... read more →

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